Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last Chance Workout

I determined that I am not an evening worker-outer. Last night, Candace, our team coach, had scheduled a spinning class for us. I wanted to go, that's why I did not head down to the gym in the morning. But, just as I had suspected ... come later in the afternoon I was just not in the mood to don my workout gear and drive into town.

Instead I took Jessica's killer water aerobics again this morning. I was at the pool early, so I got some running and swimming in before class started. She worked us HARD today but it was great. Afterwards I swam a few more laps, warmed up in the spa and got home in time for lunch.

I really do like getting the workout in before lunch; that way I can't come up with any excuses not to do it and I get to enjoy the "afterglow" for the rest of the day. That also keeps me from over-eating. Not sure why that is, just works out that way.

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