Saturday, February 26, 2011

Downward and Onward

I had been sick as a dog this week. Starting on Monday night, my insides were turning every which way - I couldn't keep any food down (or up?) Tuesday morning I spent in bed until I became too bored to lay around. I had slowly been improving until Thursday when Christopher asked to go to Mancino's for his birthday lunch ... oooooh man, I guess it were the semi raw peppers on the pizza that again made my stomach churn.

This morning I had no choice but to head to the gym an weigh in or else I wouldn't get to at all this week. I worked out a little (couldn't really get excited about it, though) and weighed in: 285.4 lbs! How about that, at least something to show for not being able to eat much most of the week.

Now I just have to make sure I keep it off and lose some more.

No picture this week, either ... but next week for sure.

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