Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 2

Since I had to take Michael to the Humane Society yesterday for his volunteer orientation I didn't get to go to the group work-out at the gym. Actually, I don't feel bad about missing it ... I'd much rather do my own thing instead of hopping around with a bunch of other people.

We got the results from the second week's weigh-in ... Purple is still in 4th place and so far 7 people chose not to weigh-in. I guess that means 7 in 2 weeks, but still, our team is the worst when it comes to fessing up. Oh well, I feel good about how things are going to me right now.

This has been a weekend for resting my sore muscles. Along with the work-outs I still feel the after effects of the message ... did I mention that I have a bruise on my back. BUT ... the kinks are out of of shoulders, so that OK.

Looking forward to going back tomorrow morning. Michael will have to be at the court house for jury duty (again) at 10, so I'll go right from there. Maybe I'll do a quick check on the gym scale to see how I'm progressing .... maybe.

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