Saturday, January 15, 2011

Group Workout

Went to the first team workout this morning. David and I got to the gym early, so I did a few machines and rowed for a few minutes - shouldn't have done that. That workout was a killer. I only managed to stay for one rotation.

Our fearless leader, Sarah, had several stations set up - 4 corners with 4 workouts each. We did everything from rowing and spinning bike to sit-ups and push-ups, 1 minute on each of them. I had no idea I was THAT MUCH of of shape, after all, I do fine working out by myself and even the strenuous water classes don't kill me like that.

Met a few of my purple team members and our coach, Candace. Seem that everyone lost about 4 pounds or so. We will get the results Sunday or Monday; hope, our team did good.

Glad, I can sleep in tomorrow!

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