Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Water Water Water

... in more than the pool way.

David stayed home from the gym this morning to wait for the plumber that was scheduled for 8:30. He told me I could stay for the 9:30 class as well; he'd go to the gym when I got back or just stayed home depending on how he felt.

Class was great today ... we were 7 runners and 6 for the aerobics class. Boy do I ever feel my legs today. I probably should schedule a message session to get the knots out.

Did good on my eating today, too. Dinner was yummy ... we had oven fried new potatoes, fish and veggies sprinkled with shredded cheese - that was much better than drowning them in cheese sauce.

Oh, yeah ... the plumber ... it wasn't even a pipe that was leaking ... the filter in the icebox caused the leak. I had heard the ice maker making noise, but we never did pull the icebox out to check. So, the Rotor Rooter visit cost us $68 and a new filter $45 ... a hell of a lot better than having to have the floors ripped out to repair a pipe.

Tomorrow I'll post the morning home weigh-in. I will go to the gym on Friday for the official number.

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